Packaging & Shipping

Please send all physical entries to:

The One Club for Creativity
ATTN: ADC 98th Annual Awards
450 West 31st Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States

Please pack your entries carefully so they arrive in perfect condition for judging.


Physical 2-D and 3-D entries for Advertising, Brand / Communication Design, Fashion Design, Packaging Design, Product Design and Publication Design require reference images which must be uploaded digitally. Print entries must be unmounted, and no larger than 24×36 inches (60×90 cm). Physical materials must be mailed to the ADC 98th Annual Awards by February 15, 2019.

  • Attach one entry form to the back of each entry. For example, a three part campaign should include three entry forms.

  • For Print Campaigns, tape each campaign together accordion style reading from left to right (horizontal) as a single unit. Number each ad within the campaign in the same sequence as indicated on the entry form.

  • Printed Materials and Promotions: submit original materials. A clear, plastic sleeve is advisable for printed material such as brochures, annual reports, etc.

  • All physical media (print, collateral, 3D, etc) must reach The One Club for Creativity office by February 15, 2019.


    Send all packages at the same time, and mark the outside of each (1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.), on the packaging label where it is indicated. If you did not pay online, payment should be enclosed in a separate envelope, clearly visible and placed on top of the entries inside the first package.


    Please write the following on the outside of the package:
    International Awards Contest Material – No Commercial Value – Free Domicile – Bill to Shipper

    For customs purposes, you must also affix an envelope marked “Commercial Invoice” on the outside of the first package. The envelope must contain copies of a commercial invoice or document, including the notation: “Contest Material-No Commercial Value-Free Domicile-Bill to Shipper.” The One Club for Creativity, Inc. will not pay for any shipping charges, customs duties or taxes incurred.

    If you are submitting alcohol for any of the Package & Product Design categories, and you are sending from outside of the USA, please do not actually send alcohol within the bottles. Customs will not deliver your packages.


    Print out your Mailing Label and affix it to the front of each package.

    Keep campaigns together and place one entry label on the back of the first piece. We suggest the accordion method, where campaign pieces are taped together and fold out.

    Do not individually package each entry. Although we appreciate meticulously packaged entries, do not individually wrap each piece. Separating pieces by medium is fine, but there is no need to package each print in its own envelope.

    Be conscious of excessive bubble wrap. Perhaps your agency does not have total confidence in your local courier, but please show restraint when packaging your entries.

    Send the correct number of pieces. If the same print is submitted in more than one advertising or design category, you MUST send separate prints for each category. The One Club for Creativity, Inc. will NOT move entries from a category to fill incomplete campaigns.