ADC 100th Annual Awards

The ADC Annual Awards is the world’s longest continuously running awards program recognizing global excellence in craft and innovation in all forms of design and advertising.  This year presents creatives from around the world with the once-a-century opportunity to be part of history by winning a coveted ADC Cube in the prestigious show’s 100th awards season.

The One Club for Creativity is a not for profit organization that celebrates and serves the global advertising and design industries, and when the pandemic began to affect the world earlier in the year, we jumped to make adjustments to help our community.

The deadline to enter the ADC 100 Annual Awards is March 12, 2021

Friday, January 29th, 2021 | 4:00pm ET

As part of the ADC's 100th, we're bringing you a peek into Warhol's commercial career with Grace Marston from The Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol — the man and his work — is one of the most recognizable and revered artists of the 20th century. But before Marilyn Monroe, before Campbell Soup, before the Factory and Edie Sedgwick, the Pittsburgh native was a budding commercial artist, winning several accolades from the ADC Annual Awards. His successes eventually earned him a deserved space in the ADC Hall of Fame.

As part of the ADC Annual Awards’ 100th anniversary celebration, The One Club for Creativity is honored to partner with The Andy Warhol Museum to present a virtual retrospective of Warhol’s early career as an artist and illustrator for such brands as CBS Radio, NBC, I. Miller and Sons, Life Magazine, and Prestige Records.

New this year

Fusion Cube
With the goal of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in both agency/production company staffing and the work itself, the new Fusion Cube will identify and celebrate great work which also demonstrates how underrepresented groups and DEI issues are utilized both “behind the scenes” -- hiring diverse staff, ensuring equal opportunity, pay and treatment -- and in the creative work, as expressed through casting, language, script and narrative.  
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In-House Discipline
This year ADC has added In-House to its lineup of disciplines. An array of creative talents from In-House agencies and brands from both large and small companies will compete with one another and have their work judged by a jury of industry peers.
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Reduced Pricing for Independent Passion Projects
ADC has reduced the fee for personal and unpublished work with the Illustration, Photography, and Typography categories.
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The first ADC gold medal winning work in 1921


On August 13, 2020, the 100th anniversary date of the incorporation of the Art Directors Club of New York, ADC launched a year-long ADC100 centennial celebration, kicked off with a special identity and online historic timeline developed by multi-specialty creative studio C&G Partners, New York. 

The ADC100 program will provide rare insights into the observations and human exchanges of the creative community throughout the past century. Serialized monthly content will trace the history of ADC, and by extension tell the story of how the design and advertising professions evolved during major global events including recessions, world wars and shifts in consumer lifestyles.

The Art Directors Club, known as ADC, was the first global organization to celebrate and award leaders in creative communications. Founded in New York by Louis Pedlar on August 13, 1920, the club was established to ensure advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.

ADC organized the first juried exhibition of advertising art in 1921 to, in the words of ad and design legend Earnest Elmo Calkins, “dignify the field of business art in the eyes of artists” and communicate that “artistic excellence is vitally necessary to successful advertising.” The ADC Annual Awards is the world’s longest continuously running awards program recognizing global excellence in craft and innovation in all forms of design and advertising.

adc 100 Partner

ADC will for the second year partner with the creative community Working Not Working on event and content collaborations, as well as special awards including the Freelancer of the Year, which was won in 2020 by artist Kadir Nelson.  All ADC 100th Annual Awards Gold Cube-winning entries submitted through the freelance level of the show’s tiered-pricing structure will be judged again by a separate jury that includes the Working Not Working community.

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