Special Awards

Beyond the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Cubes, the ADC 97th Annual Awards also presents special honors for entrants that stand above even those prestigious accolades.

Best in Discipline

 NEW  — After each jury selects its Gold, Silver and Bronze Cube winners, they will then choose which Gold Cube winner stands above all others within their discipline. This entry will be named Best in Discipline.

ADC Black Cube (Best in Show)

Once selected, all Best in Discipline winners will be grouped together and judged one final time, this time by a combination of all juries. The entrant with the most votes will receive the coveted ADC Black Cube for Best in Show.

Design for Good/Designism

 NEW  — Design For Good awards work that not only meets peerless creative standards, but also encourages positive societal and political change. The top scoring Gold Cube winning entrants across all Design for Good categories — as selected by their respective juries — will be brought together to be judged across all juries as a whole. The best entry will be awarded the ADC Designism Cube.

'Of The Year' Honors

Cumulative awards are also presented in the following categories:

Network of the Year
Advertising Agency of the Year
Small Agency of the Year
Design Firm of the Year
Small Design Firm of the Year
Digital Agency of the Year
Production Company of the Year
Brand of the Year