ADC 98th Annual Awards Call for Entries

The ADC 98th Annual Awards Call for Entries is touching down in breathtaking new territory. From architecture to animation, from fashion to photography, from publication design to packaging, the ADC Annual Awards represents nearly a century of celebrating phenomenal artistry and craftsmanship.

The previous installment of the ADC Cube's “six-sided adventure” — a collaboration between COLLINS and a worldwide collection of mind-blowing animators and artists — saw our beautiful trophy cruising through space, to parts unknown. Now, in the sixth and final act of "The Cube", Berlin-based design studio C.A.T.K. brings it all home — a brand new home where the Cube can truly be appreciated.


"The Cube: Part Six" animated by C.A.T.K.

"The Cube: Part One" animated by Golgotha

"The Cube: Part Two" animated by Laurie Rowan

"The Cube: Part Three" animated by Dasha Chukhrova

"The Cube: Part Four" animated by Frances Haszard

"The Cube: Part Five" animated by Angela Stempel

New Disciplines added for ADC 98th: Fashion and Spatial Design

Reaffirming its defining focus as the leading global awards program to celebrate all forms of craft, design and innovation, ADC has added two new stand alone disciplines this year:  Fashion and  Spatial Design

For the first time, an array of creative talents in the fashion industry — from fabric and apparel designers to fashion illustrators and jewelry designers — from both large and small companies will compete with one another and have their work judged by a jury of industry peers, to be announced shortly.

The same is true for Spatial Design, a conceptual design discipline that crosses boundaries of traditional design specializations such as building design, landscape architecture and design, interiors design, service design, certain areas of public art and more.


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ADC 98th Annual Awards
Now Accepting Entries
Final Deadline: Jan 31st 2019


Student Competition
The Young Ones Competition is now open for entries


 Tiered Pricing

ADC has introduced a tiered pricing structure for freelancers and small companies.